Rescue Notes…….

This portion of our blog-site is a place where those interested can follow rescues currently in progress as well as notes and thoughts on past rescues (as I get them posted).  Please keep the following thoughts in mind as you read through the posts….

  • There may be details and pictures included in the post that you will find disturbing.  It is not our intention to sensationalize the plight of the horses rescued nor to pillory the parties responsible.  The Shepherd’s Corner serves the horses found abused, neglected or abandoned by someone else’s despair, dysfunction or disability.  It is our policy to treat all involved respectfully and simply to address the equine need in front of us.
  • Understanding that some, if not all, of the situations shared here may inspire outrage, anger and frustration – – this site will not tolerate comments that give vent to these emotions at the expense of the parties responsible for the situation, governing bodies or anyone else within range.  Please, vent your energy by offering help – cash, materials, time and certainly prayer for the injured horses, their new care-givers and yes, even their old care-givers if you are able.
  • Use this site (as well as our website,  – currently being re-constructed) to educate yourself to the situation facing many many horses, and ways you can be of service, either through this rescue or any of the others – and THANK YOU for taking the timeunamed in Union County

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