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The Shepherd’s Corner at Trinity Farm is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization with a two-fold mission. The first, to rescue, heal and re-home unwanted, neglected and abused horses. The second, to envelope our volunteers and other community members in the process of restoration and healing for their mutual benefit. We were formed in 2010 and are located approximately 20 miles east of Columbus, Ohio at Trinity Farm, a horse boarding, training and lesson facility. Our Founder and President of The Board, Stephanie W. Phillips has been the owner and head trainer of this facility for the past 25 years and has set aside 2 stalls and 3 “spots” in the pasture for rescued horses.

The first part of our mission – rescue, heal and re-home – involves a network of like-minded farms and individuals who volunteer their time, expertise, funds and facilities from the moment a horse is received by The Shepherd’s Corner, to the day they leave us as members of a new family. Because the 2 stalls reserved for us at Trinity Farm are used for horses with serious, time consuming medical or emotional issues, we rely upon this burgeoning network of farms and people to oversee the recovery and foster the majority of our rescues. To date, all of our general funding goes toward defraying the hard costs of horse-keeping: feed, hay, veterinary care and medicine. Our ongoing search for funding at the individual and foundation/grant level is as critical as it is time intensive – we are actively seeking individual donations, grant opportunities and grant writers to aid us here.



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The second part of our mission – to enrich the lives of people in our community by by inviting them into the process of restoring the wounded horses, rests firmly on the ancient wisdom that it is ‘in giving that we receive’, and in ‘helping that we are helped’. We believe that many of our own life-scars, both physical and emotional, are similar to injuries born by our rescued horses. We have seen that commiseration in shared experience and participation in the process of healing the horse, often creates a conduit for the human to give voice to, face and heal – the anguish of their own hurt and misuse. To be clear, we do not offer a classically therapeutic experience. We simply believe that the act of giving – and its reception by a willing heart – is powerful and healing medicine to both the giver and the receiver. We are committed to being a bridge for such experience.cropped-Mona-looking-to-Danielle-2-26-131.jpg


The mission and vision of The Shepherd’s Corner was born in prayer and blossoms as we continue to seek the wisdom and direction of our Heavenly Father. Please consider how you may become part of this incredible adventure – and contact us.

Stephanie W. Phillips



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