The Shepherd’s Corner at Trinity Farm
Horse Care Standards

    • The horse must be vaccinated at least once a year.
    • The horse must be wormed (4) times a year.
    • The horse must receive routine farrier work, no less than (4) times per year.
    • The horse must receive reasonable and prompt medical attention as necessary ranging from superficial wound care to veterinarian assistance.
    • The shelter provided for the horse must have at least three sides and a roof. The horse must be able to lie down, get up, and turn around easily.
    • The horse must have (24) hour access to clean, unfrozen water.
    • The horse must be fed to maintain a reasonable weight.
    • The horse must have daily contact with the person charged with the horse’s care.
    • The horse must have appropriate and properly fitting tack/equipment.
    • The Shepherd’s Corner recognizes that there are different views on exercise and turn out, however horses are, by nature, grazing/roaming creatures with an instinctive need for herd life. We believe strongly that horses need daily unrestricted time outside of their stalls with other horses in a space large enough for them to run and socialize as naturally as possible.



    The Shepherd’s Corner’s horses will not be adopted out unless such provisions exist in their prospective new homes.