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February 23, 2012

*On September 19, 2012 -  WCMH Channel Four News and their Marcus Thorpe were kind enough to do a follow-up story on our Union County horses, highlighting not only their grand return to health, but the need to find a permanent home for the two oldest mares - "Chrissy" and "Topper". Click on the link below to see this report.....

WCMH Channel 4 Follow-up Story - "Chrissy" and "Topper"

Finding "Chrissy" and "Topper" a New Home

The original posting and newsclip of the day are below.....

Union County Horses February 23, 2012 


2/23/2012 Union County Horses Pictures
NBC Channel Four News 2/23/2012
5:30 Evening news clip on the day we met our new charges.....

On February 22, 2012 we were advised by The Humane Society of Union County that, as a result of an ongoing discussion with the horse owners, up to 10 horses were going to be surrendered to that agency the following morning.  While we had been aware of, and peripherally involved in this particular situation for almost two years, we were stunned at the sudden turn of events.  We had hoped that the owners would allow us to help in their situation but, when we suddenly 'got the call', we were caught short regarding a place to receive this many horses.  Our home facility was full, and while keeping these horses together while their health and needs could be assessed would be optimum, we would have been thrilled to find 10 spots anywhere .

A plea for space went out immediately via FaceBook and email.

Approximately 9:30 that evening, a call came in from a generous soul who, while in the throes of re-establishing her boarding and training business in the area, short staffed and with little extra funds available, called Stephanie with the news that she had an empty 12 stall barn on her property that we could possibly use as temporary home for the surrendered horses.  Stephanie and she talked details then agreed to pray over the matter and reconvene the conversation at 7:00 AM the next morning.

As the sun rose through the office windows at Trinity Farm,  the phone conversation continued, prayers were reviewed and this wonderful owner threw open her doors to the surrendered horses. If you can hug over the phone, it was accomplished - then hasty 'goodbyes' till later that day as Stephanie went on to confirm transport for the horses and the farm owner went down to fill water buckets and bed stalls...


Please click on our "Blog" link for additional information on the day and these horses.  The short story however, is that the surrender was completed quietly and competently.  The surrendering owners were helpful and relieved for the aid, volunteer transporters were quiet and kind - all horses loaded well and traveled easily to the fostering facility.  The Humane Society of Union County, Mr. Steffen Baldwin as its director, was well and professionally represented.

All horses received by The Shepherd's Corner as seizures or surrenders are seen by a vet on the day of surrender prior to transport in order to evaluate stability for transport and assess for communicable disease.  After arrival at the fostering facility (ies) they are examined by the vet thoroughly in order to create a feed, worming, and if necessary - medication plan for each individual.  

Our plan is to see these horses through their first rounds of veterinary, dental and farrier attention, begin the worming protocol and the process of weight and muscle reclaimation.  At that point, we will open the door to volunteers willing and able to continue the process at private farms, and certainly to those looking to adopt the horses permanently into their families.