It is the goal of The Shepherd’s Corner at Trinity Farm (hereafter referred to as The Shepherd’s Corner) to attempt to place each horse in the home best suited to the needs of the individual horse. As a potential adopter, you need to consider that it takes approximately $3,000 - $5,000 per year to support a horse. This cost includes, but is not limited to, expenses associated with meeting The Shepherd’s Corner’s Standards of Care (please see attached document).  Additionally, adopted horses cannot be resold or given away for a period of one year from the date of adoption without the express permission of The Shepherd’s Corner. In the event the placement does not work out, for any reason, the horse will be returned to The Shepherd’s Corner.

Before any horse can be adopted from The Shepherd’s Corner, the following procedures must be followed:

1. The cover letter and adoption application (download forms) must be completed, signed and mailed with a non-refundable $25 application fee to:

The Shepherd’s Corner at Trinity Farm
4267 Courter Rd SW
Pataskala, OH 43062

2. Upon review of the adoption questionnaire, the prospective adopter will be contacted by an official of The Shepherd’s Corner to schedule an appointment for a formal interview and a tour of the The Shepherd’s Corner facilities.

3. If the personal interview is satisfactory and if an adoptable horse is available at that time, The Shepherd’s Corner will schedule an appointment to visit the adopter’s proposed boarding or home facility. In addition, The Shepherd’s Corner will also conduct interviews of the references provided by the potential adopter on the adoption questionnaire.

4. Upon completion of the above, The Shepherd’s Corner will schedule working sessions between the adopter and the prospective adoptee to assure a suitable match. At its discretion, The Shepherd’s Corner may also require one or more horse management classes held at the The Shepherd’s Corner facility to further ensure a successful adoption.

5. When all requirements are met and preliminary adoption procedures have been satisfied, a permanent adoption contract must be signed and initialed. At that time, the adopter must pay in full the adoption fee set by The Shepherd’s Corner for the horse being adopted.

 If, during the first 60 days following execution of this Agreement, the adopted horse proves unsuitable for the purpose adopted, it can be returned at the Adopter’s expense to The Shepherd’s Corner, and the adoption fee will be refunded less 20%.

If, at any time following the 60 day period, the adoption is no longer feasible the adopter agrees that the adopted horse must be returned to The Shepherd’s Corner. There will be no refund on the adoption fee after the initial 60 days following execution of this Agreement.

In its sole discretion, The Shepherd’s Corner reserves the right to deny adoption, for any reason and is not obligated to state such reason(s).


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Adoption Cover Letter

Adoption Application

Adoption Agreement

Standards of Care